About Us

Mary Magaline is home, bath and body brand. We handcraft high-quality soaps, cosmetics and candles. We create our products with our customer, community and planet in mind. 

For the Customer: Our quality handmade products use natural, food-grade ingredients that are typically gentler than the mass produced commercial brands - especially for those with allergies or skin sensitivity. They are created in small batches allowing our team to be directly involved in the quality and safety of each item.
Environmental Impact: Handcrafted products are more sustainable from start to finish. We typically source raw materials that are more natural and are often organic and local. Small batch, handmade production generates a smaller carbon footprint, while final packaging reduces plastic and paper waste.
Economic Power: We are a small business and we aim to use local resources as much as possible. Your purchase puts money directly back into our community, supporting jobs and local economic development.