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Aromatherapy Lockets

Aromatherapy Lockets

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Classic stainless steel locket with 18-in stainless steel chain. Floral design. Comes with one leather felt pad. Replacement pads are easily found at most craft stores.

Round alloy metal locket with 12-in faux leather chain. Locket is lead free and nickel free. Pendant width: 1 Inches; Pendant  height: 1 3/4 Inches. Comes with three lava balls. *Easily find a variety of chains at your local craft store.

Round stainless steel locket with 18-in stainless steel chain. Comes with one cotton felt ball. Easily find these felt balls at most craft stores. 

How to use your Aromatherapy locket: Simply add a drop or two of essential oil or perfume to the felt, cotton, or leather pad of your locket and enjoy your favorite fragrance all day. Ensure that you let the oil/perfume dry before touching your skin.

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